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HuMoSC Human Monocyte-derived Suppressor Cells


Current treatments for Graft vs Host Disease (GvHD) are based on immunosuppressive drugs; however, efficient only in 50% of the patients and further associated with severe infections.


Cell therapies belong to emerging strategies to prevent lethal GvHD; nevertheless, are negatively affected by the patient inflammatory state and may promote tumor growth.


Contrary to that, we have developed a novel cellular therapy capable to act on such mortality/morbity-associated disease as GvHD. Our unique approach originates in ex vivo generation of human suppressor cell subpopulation of monocytic origin, the HuMoSC. HuMoSC induce and maintain immune tolerance in hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation thus prevent lethal GvHD in the patients.

HuMoSC significant efficiency leads to further potential application in solid organ transplantation and autoimmune disorders.


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