Biocompatible extraction of proteins from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis using pulsed electric field


11 Juillet 2019

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Chemicals, Materials & Plant-based Materials


We report on pulsed electric field conditions allowing biocompatible extraction of water-soluble proteins from a new strain of the green microalga haematococcus pluvialis. Indeed pulsed electric field conditions are suitable for the electro-extraction of water soluble proteins while keeping microalgae alive. 50% of soluble proteins are extracted. Most of them are chloroplastic proteins (SOD for instance).

New innovative methods are required for lowering the cost of manufacturing processes dealing with active ingredients and high-value molecules from microalgae. Indeed proteins from microalgae such as Superoxide dismutase must be produced thank to cheaper processes in order to be competitive with other proteins sources : animal sources or plant sources. Pulsed electric field while keeping the microalguae alive through the extraction process can be seen as a milking process which render the manufacturing process much more attractive.

This method was validated at the lab-scale thanks to the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis for the extraction of antioxidant proteins (SOD for instance) and proteins from the chloroplast. The proof of concept was validated at this scale since the microalgae was able to restart its normal metabolism after the extraction step. The next step is to be able to up-scale the technology in order to validate this process at the industrial scale.

Eco-friendly process usling tle milking of proteins from microalgae

- Proteins production from microalgae for cosmetic and food applications
- Production of antioxidant proteins (SOD)

Stage of development
TRL4 - Validation de la preuve de concept

EA 2160 - MMS

Research team
RSBE - Remote Sensing & Benthic Ecology

Associated intellectual property
FR : FR1762818 - filed on the 12-21-2017


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