FLUXMETRE: Cylindrical Heat Flux Sensor


11 Juillet 2016

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Metals & Minerals
Chemicals, Materials & Plant-based Materials
Aerospace & Defence
Automotive & Transportation
Electronics & Security
Environment & Construction
Measurement & Instrumentation

The developed device is composed of a cylindrical active sensor allowing a thermal solicitation of the studied material.
This heat flux device is based on the thermo-electrical principles in order to control and measure the thermal flux provided to the material.
Thermocouples are disposed all along the device which allows a temperature measurement in different areas


This device take into consideration the contact resistance in order to improve the precision compared to traditional hot wire measurement

  • A single measurement allows to get different thermal characteristics such as thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and thermal effusivity
  • The range of thermal conductivity is large; from 0,25 to 200 W/m.K
  • Sensitivity (μV/W/m2) is better than flat heat flux sensor
  • High versatility of the device which allows an active or passive measurement with or without thermal excitation
  • Capability to measure continuously in order to monitor the thermal characteristics in a changing material (.e.g quantity of water in a granular material)
  • Capability to measure thermal characteristic of different types of materials like liquid, solid (granular, porous…)
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