Heritage and sustainable tourism - rural tourism


17 Mars 2016

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Living Environment And Society Language, Writings, Art & Culture


Business, Finance & Management


The pluridisciplinar expertise on rural tourism of our research team follows several approaches:

  • A communication/linguistic approach, defined by the analysis of the mobilization of knowledge, processes and devices of communication;
  • A sociological approach allowing the analysis of speech and individual and/or collective strategies;
  • A territorial approach that can be translated by the analysis of identity strategies of territories and its actors;
  • A cultural marketing approach, which develops two types of analysis: semiotic analysis of communication devices and an expertise of product positioning and brand strategy; as well as marketing analysis and evaluation of touristic devices. 

The provision of digital web 2.0 technologies contributes to its researches in Human and Social Sciences, allowing  the opening of a complementary skill offer on “digital tourism”.


  • Tell me a story - TIL: Stories of tourist guides: complementarity human guides and multimedia devices.
  • Sustainable tourism and touristic experiences: proposal of an analytical device applied to roaming in rural areas.
  • uB link, MuseoParc Alesia: web 2.0 cultural benchmarking and restoration concept, street-marketing.
  • Application « Côte d’Or tourisme » - Le2i/Conseil Général 21: use of semantic web and detailed consumer profiling to propose touristic activities adapted to their needs.


  • Culture and heritage sectors;
  • Public procurements/Territory planning and valorization;
  • Tourism sector;
  • E-commerce sector/multimedia applications;
  • Communities.


  • Analysis of touristic, digital, and cultural communication devices;
  • Support to the development of a marketing/communication strategy;
  • Analysis and development of new technical and sensory mediations in the relation consumer/user;
  • Impact study of some concepts among consumers: conception of questionnaires with a quantitative and qualitative analysis, semantic analysis of the web;
  • Web tool development for tourism and culture professionals.
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