Measurement of absolute thermoelectric power of conductor and semiconductor materials


24 Février 2016

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This new device can measure the ATP (Absolute Thermoelectric Power) of conductor and semiconductor materials. It enforces electronic transport as a non-destructive characterization and control tool.

The process is simple and can be applied to every conductor and semiconductor along a large temperature range. A light and portative device is fixed on the objet being tested. By creating a temperature difference at its surface, the constituting material ATP can be measured. The measurement device is made of two probes that are put in electrical contact with the analyzed material surface.

Competitive advantages

  • A simple and free of constraint procedure on the material shape, possible in situ;
  • A rapid measurement (˂2min);
  • No constraint on the temperature gradient;
  • A precise measurement (ATP maximum resolution: 0.02 µV/K, usual resolution: 0.2 µV/K)


  • Non destructive characterization and control of materials;
  • Aging study and quality control (impurities, precipitates…);
  • Conformity control of a material, post incident expertise;
  • Evolution control of a material under the influence of an external parameter (phase transformation for example).

Intellectual property

Patent delivered: FR 1257261


Laboratoire LCP-A2MC



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