06 Août 2020

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Biology / Medical



Phenolic compound to treat diabetes



Market challenges
Obesity and conditions related to glucose intolerance, are all characterized by impaired insulin and glucose metabolism. Both result in elevated fasting blood glucose as well as liver damages such as liver fibrosis and abnormal fat liver content.
Therapy available for advanced stages of diabetes mainly consists in insulin injection which presents important adverse effects.
Accordingly, there is a need for safe, effective compounds and treatment methods for metabolic disorders.

Innovative solution
Researchers from Sorbonnes Université have found that a phenolic compound, are able to improve glycemic homeostasis and insulin secretory response to glucose in vivo.
Injection of this compound also reduces weight gain and adiposity even with a fat diet.
They have developed compounds for the prevention and treatment of insulin-related condition, in particular by enhancing glucose-stimulated insulin secretion.

Development status
Repeated dose toxicity after daily subcutaneous administration in mice was performed and no adverse clinical signs were observed.
The compound was subcutaneously administrated to mice (6 weeks experiments) and results show :

  • Reduction in body growth and improved glucose tolerance
  • Reduction of liver fat content and liver fibrosis
  • Increase of pancreatic islet density
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