PHLEBOSTHENE: complete system for body volumetrics


28 Décembre 2015

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Biology / Medical



PHLEBOSTHENE: Complete system for body volumetrics and quantitative study of biomechanical parameters in human member veins, enabling personalized configuration of compression treatments for venous insufficiency and lymphedema.

Medical compression represents the most effective way to treat chronic venous insufficiency and lymphedema, reducing parietal venous pressure and edema by relieving symptoms and slowing down disease progression. However, while the action mechanisms of compression orthotics have been the subject of extensive research efforts, the exact conditions for adapting to patients’ individual characteristics to optimize therapeutic results are less well known.

Phlébosthène constitutes a clinical tool that is able to adapt the prescription and delivery of elastic compression orthotics to the individual characteristics of a patient’s venous return and three-dimensional member volume. It optimizes efficiency based on an objective clinical evaluation over time. Phlébosthène optimizes the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and chronic edema by offering effective patient monitoring and personalized prescription that leverages biomechanical characteristics and 3D member volumetrics.

Manufacturers of compression orthotics, prescribers of elastic compression (doctors, physical therapists, nurses), entities providing elastic compression medical equipment (orthopedists-orthotists, pharmacies), hospitals.

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