TRBOTMiddleware for Communication and Interoperability of Heterogeneous Robots and Smart Connected Devices


29 Avril 2020

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A Middleware allowing an easy integration of heterogeneous systems within cooperative fleets, by assigning each element simple tasks allowing to achieve complex objectives ... A smart system, resilient to failures, able to react to unforeseen events in a completely autonomous manner by finding appropriate solutions

By creating a common communication tunnel between all robots, controllers and smart devices, TalkRobots is able to deal with unexpected situations and proposes an alternative solution: it is a totally smart resilient system!



Talkrobots allows:

  • Interoperability between Heterogeneous Systems
  • Simple and flexible scenario generation and implementation of robotic applications using an intuitive Web interface,
  • Easy integration of new robots, sensors and connected objects
  • Distributed communications and interactions between robots
  • Secure message exchanges
  • Resilience to Failures using artificial intelligence
  • Easy and inexpensive integration with existing systems


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