ASTRIIS - Automatic signal processing software for condition monitoring


26 Août 2019

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Automotive & Transportation
Energy & Electricals
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A smart and innovative solution able to perform a fully automated preventive maintenance of all rotating parts


As industry 4.0 is developing, so does the demand for a reliable maintenance.

Unscheduled breakdowns increase operating costs due to repairs and production losses. But scheduled maintenance implies taking the risk of replacing expensive parts that are still fully operational, while neglecting other parts in spite of their failure.

Condition monitoring systems are the solution to optimize your maintenance plan and save costs. However, there are still major drawbacks to their use:

• Undetected breakdowns
• Lack of expertise in signal processing
• Time-consuming analysis
• System-dependent models
• Difficult to use

Furthermore, data volume is exponentially increasing due to the development of IIOT systems, but its automatic analysis remains a challenge.


AStrion is a software created thanks to thirty years of expertise in signal processing applied to preventive maintenance.

Relying on an expert-level automatic signal processing, AStrion is able to detect on each signal every frequency representing of each part health. By tracking the evolution of features associated to each frequency, the software detects every abnormal evolution thanks to machine learning algorithms based only on the current dataset.

Operating on a server, AStrion can monitor each part of a plant remotely and analyse large datasets.

Its user-friendly interface ensures comprehensive diagnostics to operators and enhances the efficiency of analysts by providing every calculation detail.


• Expert-level signal processing
• Automatic analysis of large datasets
• Remote online diagnosis
• Reduction of false alarms
• User-friendly interface
• No need for historical datasets


Validated on a wind turbine, test benches and paper manufacture, AStrion is ready to be used on any plants requiring preventive monitoring in order to test its performances. A machine learning solution is soon to be tested for an automatization of the diagnostic.


• Energy production
• Manufacturing
• Oil&gas
• Transport
• Industrial machinery

=> ASTRION, the software is available from ASTRIIS a startup created soon.

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