Device and continuous process to realize an emulsion


11 Juillet 2019

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Chemicals, Materials & Plant-based Materials


The aim of the technology is to realize a continuous flow emulsion of a mixture based on an natural or synthetic oil and water, with less surfacting agents. The formation of a disperse flow is based on a microfluidic device with microchannels and one or several singularities (ie 90° elbows). High speed (velocity between 1 and 3 m/s) impinging of water and the oily phase triggers continuous emulsification. The break-up process is improved thanks to the circulation of the emulsion through several 90° elbows.

These flows can release a W/O or O/W emulsion for pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications. This device is used to produce continuously an emulsion (droplet size between 5 to 10 µm) with a flow range compatible with industrial applications (up to 600 mL/min for each device). The assembly of several devices can be used to increase the flow.

This device is the solution for a time-saving and low cost emulsification process dedicated to pharmaceutical and cosmetic emulsions.

Its benefits
- Continuous emulsion production
- Modulation of the size of the droplets
- Low energy uptake
- Time-saving

Its applications
- W/O and O/W emulsions manufacturing processes
- Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agrofood formulations

Stage of development

UMR 6144 - GEPEA|UMR 6607 - LTEN

Research team
Axe 2 : Ingénierie de l’Energie|Thème : Transferts dans les Fluides et Systèmes Energétiques

Associated intellectual property
FR : FR1562682 - filed on the 12-17-2015



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