ESL: Optical fiber without distal lens for endoscope to reach new or moving areas.


16 Mars 2022

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Biology / Medical



The absence of lens in the distal part makes it possible to considerably reduce the diameter of the fiber.

The reconstruction of the images is made by an estimation algorithm.

It is possible to recalculate the images while the fiber is in motion, which opens up new horizons


Access to new areas of exploration
Compatible with visible, infrared and florescence light.
    100 x 100 pixels
    Can be adjusted according to the numerical aperture of the fiber between 0.22 and 1.5µm
Frame Rate: 10 frames per second ~20 000 pixels per second
Small diameter:
    250 µm diameter with the protective sheath
    125 µm diameter without protective sheath
Optic fiber length: up to 1,5 meter
Minimum bending radius of 1 cm
The cost price of the specific optical fiber is compatible with single use

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