HyStep - Coupling of a bioprocess for the valorization of biomass and to an electrolyzer for the production of low-cost decarbonated hydrogen


06 Septembre 2018

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Hydrogen is an attractive solution to meet the challenges of the energy transition. Its decarbonated production is a major challenge for the development of the sector. The cost of treating wastewater encourages operators to find ways of recovering it.


The HYSTEP technology proposes the coupling of two desynchronized processes:

  • A microbial cell for the degradation of organic matter and its valorization in chemical form.
  • A decoupled electrolyser for the production of hydrogen at 1V.


The technology allows a 90% efficiency in the storage and reinjection of electricity by the hydrogen route ("power to gas to power"). At the same time, the use of the biomass contained in the wastewater improves the profitability and efficiency of the treatment units.


Validated at the laboratory scale, the development of a prototype installation on a significant scale is currently under study as well as the cycle of the mediator. This proof of concept will be carried out as part of the SATT maturation project in 2020 with the partner site of AQUAPOLE, the domestic water effluents treatment of Grenoble Metropole Alpes (La METRO).


The HYSTEP technology offers an option for wastewater valorisation to effluent treatment plants (<10000EH) or the food industry.

It enables the development of a decentralized hydrogen production chain to meet the widespread needs of industry. Thus it offers profitability for the storage/reinjection of electricity produced by intermittent renewable energies.


=> The patented technology will be industrialized and commercialized by the future startup Hystep.

=> Partnerships with industrial companies involved in the treatment of water or effluent with a high organic load and with hydrogen manufacturers are being sought.


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