06 Août 2020

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Biology / Medical



New IGF-TRAP as cancer treatment

Market Challenges
Insulin Growth Factor (IGF) is a major target in oncology for solid and hematologic tumors. Unfortunately, up to now, the different strategies elaborated to encounter this pathway failed to demonstrate a significant efficacy. This can be explained by the complexity of the IGF signaling pathway that involves multiple receptors and ligands.

Innovative solution
A new IGFBP3 recombinant protein antagonizing the IGF signaling pathway was designed to simultaneously neutralizing IGF-I & II to prevent their interaction with their different receptors. They have also developed a companion diagnostic enabling to identify patient who will respond to the treatment.

Development status
The anti-tumor efficacy of the recombinant IGFBP3 was established in vivo (multiple myeloma, colorectal carcinoma, Ewing sarcoma, adrenocortiacl carcinoma...). Lutech is funding a program to validate the production of the protein in a pre-industrial system using CHO cells as well as pharmacokinetics studies and complementary efficacy characterization.

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