Loc{k}Authn - Strong authentication through geofencing


03 Août 2020

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Engineering NICT


Electronics & Security

Multi-factor strong authentication based on position

Adopting strong multi-factor authentication helps to limit the possibilities for attacks. Position-based authentication factors provide protection against unauthorized remote access. A localised Loc{k]Authn authentication token validates the presence of a user in an authorized area during authentication.

The connection is made using an authentication token, in the form of a USB key or smart card.

The position of the token is verified by tags

Loc{k}Authn allows to verify the presence of privileged users in their places of work, and can equip organization premises as well as home offices of employees.

A Fido2 solution transparent to the network

Loc{k}Authn is completely independent of the network infrastructure and does not require any modification as to be integrated. Loc{k}Authn is Fido2 compatible, which is supported by all major browsers, Cloud and email services.

A high level of security in geofencing

The technology is based on Ultra Wide Band localization, offering decimeter-level accuracy and unparalleled security. Unlike GPS positioning, whose integrity can be compromised, Ultra Wideband technology guarantees the authenticity of measured positions. The Fido2 standard is highly secure and currently deployed in defense and critical industries.

A solution for applications

  • logistics
  • home automation
  • access control to sensitive areas


=>  The project is currently carrying out the proof of concept at laboratory level and is looking for industrial partners to carry out feasibility studies on real applications.

=>  The project team aims to propose the Loc{k}Authn offer through a startup (laboratory spin-off).

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