12 Octobre 2015

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Measurement & Instrumentation

Hybrid device combining a very high sensitivity magnetic sensor and spin transition nanomaterials ("gas sensor" materials)

The innovative sensor developed in this project is expected for its integration capabilities in electronic systems, its miniature MEMS architecture and its high detection sensitivity, which gives the device not only gas selectivity but also a very low detection threshold. The innovative or original nature of the sensor lies in the intrinsic coupling between a high-performance magnetic carrier (nanoTesla, femtomol) and molecular materials that are highly sensitive to the immediate environment and to external physicochemical parameters such as pressure, temperature, light, electric field and magnetic field.

Very high sensitivity, accuracy & selectivity: Two types of sensors have been developed and tested. One based on the detection of spin cross over (SCO) nanomaterials with a magnetic sensor and the other based on optical detection. This optical device can be mobile.

- For the SCO magnetic/hybrid sensor a threshold of 1000 ppm in AC and 500 ppm in DC detection mode is reached

- For the portable optical/SCO sensor a threshold of 100ppm is reached

- The gases already tested are Nitromethane, Acetone and Benzoic Disulfide but these gases are not limiting.

- Flexibility of the solution: possibility of using the solution for fixed or mobile use (portable detector), moreover the sensor can be positioned on flexible supports allowing numerous configurations of use

- Possible use at room temperature: While existing instruments used for the detection of magnetic transitions on nanomaterials (micro/nano squids devices) operate only at cryogenic temperatures (~30K to 50 K), the developed solution can be used at room temperature and in a wide temperature range (~-200°C to 420°C).

- Qualitative and quantitative measurement

Defence, safety, industrial security, environmental monitoring


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