MICRO-PUMP HEALTH: MEMS Micro Pump without chamber nor valves


06 Mai 2021

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Biology / Medical




  • Membrane micro pump, piloted by electromagnetic control


  • The micro device creates a flow without pumping chamber nor valves,
  • The flow is created by the oscillations of a flexible polymer membrane
  • Oscillations are driven by an electronically controlled micro solenoid.
  • The membrane is perforated to force the flow of fluid


  • Compactness and simplicity hence reliability (no chamber, no moving mechanical parts),
  • No friction, low vibration level, low noise,
  • No wear nor particles generated by mechanical parts friction,
  • Throughput and flow direction can be set by electronic direct control
  • Low production cost,
  • Low consumption
  • Network of pumps, easily configured in a complex shape, and individually controlled.
  • Building materials adaptable to the fluid chemistry and viscosity.

Performances :

  • For typical dimensions (10 x 10 mm) : 15 ml/mn @ 0.75 kPa, power consumption 450 mW,
  • Other values : 28 ml/mn @ 0.9 kPa, power consumption 800 mW,
  • Pumps can be arranged in series or parallel to increase the pressure and the throughput.
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