Optimized plant growth chamber


07 Décembre 2016

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Chemicals, Materials & Plant-based Materials
Energy & Electricals
Environment & Construction
Measurement & Instrumentation

Fully integrated plant growth chambers with LED lighting system and climate control



  • Full specifications for climate-controlled growth chambers and plant shelves including suitable LED lighting
  • Perfectly adapted to Arabidopsis thaliana and other lab plants up to 1.8m tall
  • Complete blueprints for 10m² of operational plant culture



  • Indoor controlled plant growth
  • Research and experimental plants


Innovation Advantages

  • Ideal LED lighting for harmonious and natural plant growth
  • Half the operating costs of standard growth chambers
  • Optimal positioning of utilities and maintenance traps
  • Improved access to plants and observational data
  • Modular and removable shelf units


Development status

  • Complete rehabilitation of plant growth area in IBMP in 2014
  • Operational since 2014



End-user standard licenses available based on the number of growth chambers planned

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