19 Août 2020

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Energy & Electricals

New families of electroactive ionic liquids allowing the development of flexible

organic batteries and accepting power peaks similar to a supercapacitor.

The technology developed makes it possible to produce new type of binder-free organic electrodes which, in addition
to eliminating lithium and bringing a flexible character to the system, improve the performance of the energy storage
by presenting a hybrid operation between the battery and the supercapacitor, thus making it possible to accommodate
peaks in consumption or to increase charging speeds.


Competitive advantages :

-Energy storage combining the properties of supercapacitor and organic batteries.
- Rocking-chair electrochemical energy storage system using the same active material for the anode and cathode.
- High charging/discharging rate capabilities.
- Flexibility in the choose of the electrolyte solutions: organic or aqueous solvents.
- Towards high energy and high power electrochemical energy storage.

Applications : 

- Electrochemical energy storage devices.
- Mobile battery for mobile phone, laptop, tablet applications.
- Hybrid supercapacitor / organic battery system.
- Flexible batteries application for connected textiles, flexible screens,connected objects.
- Storage with transparent electrodes with charge monitoring.

Keywords : Hybrid supercapacitor, Electrochemical energy storage devices, Nanostructured materials for electrochemical energy storage,
Electroactive ionic liquids, Electroactive ionic liquid polymers

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