06 Août 2020

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Biology / Medical


Measurement & Instrumentation

Point of care device for monitoring platelet reactivity and aggregation


Market Challenges
Platelets are the main players of blood aggregation and subsequent coagulation. In a pathological situation such as atherosclerosis, platelets can be responsible for the thrombotic complications following the rupture of a plaque: uncontrolled formations of thrombi can then lead to heart attack and stroke.
Currently, patients with coronary complications are treated with anti-platelet therapies to avoid formation of thrombi, but they can become resistant to treatment, or at risk of hemorrhages. As of today, there is no quick way to monitor platelet reactivity at bed side to insure the best dosing of anti-platelet therapy or to follow up on the efficacy of the treatment.

Innovative solution
A microfluidic medical device that allows the rapid measurement of platelet reactivity, at bed side (point-of-care device), on a small amount of untreated blood.
The device is made of a microfluidic cartridge where the blood sample is injected. Platelets are then activated by shearing force and the measure is done by impedance measurement: the more the platelets cover the capillary, the more they resist and increase impedance.
The device provides information about the primary (platelet reactivity) and secondary (blood coagulation) hemostasis. It enables to evaluate the efficacy of an anti-platelet therapy, to detect a risk of hemorrhage, and to discriminate mono- to bi-therapies.

Development status
The device is able to discriminate patients who are under mono or bi-therapy.
SATT Lutech is funding a clinical trial to validate the device in 90 subjects divided in 4 subgroups:
- 30 healthy volunteers
- 20 coronary patients treated with aspirine
- 20 coronary patients treated with aspirine and clopidogrel
- 20 patients suffering from auricular fibrillation treated with apixaban

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