24 Février 2020

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Mathematics Physics Engineering NICT


Metals & Minerals
Aerospace & Defence
Automotive & Transportation
Energy & Electricals
Environment & Construction

While modeling and simulation are powerful and economical means of investigation, characterizing mass and / or heat transfers in turbulent and heterogeneous fluid media (gas, liquid, solid particles) poses many challenges. This is what FUGU, this software library takes up. The digital methodologies used are based on fictitious and penalization methods for the representation of various constraints, turbulence, deformable interfaces and point particles.

Competitive advantages :

- Ability to solve in a single simulation all the physical quantities of single- or multi-phase flows under non isothermal conditions and turbulent régime, in a coupled manner and at all scales.

Applications :

- Environment: dispersal of pollutants
- Steel industry
- Design and implementation of composite materials
- Land, aeronautical and space propulsion
- Exchangers
- Food
- Pharmacy

Keywords : Fluid mechanic, Heat transfer, Multi-scale simulation, Multi-phase flow, Turbulent flow

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