07 Octobre 2020

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Biology / Medical



There are about 1M premature newborns / year (EU + US). 40% of babies born before 32 weeks will develop a more or less severe motor dysfunction. Stimulating the active motricity of these children as early as possible and on a regular basis, when their sensory-motor system is at its maximum plasticity, is a key factor in the prevention of future deficits in their posture and mobility. The Crawliskate is an innovative medical device especially adapted to such stimulation, designed for babies from one day to 5 months of age, which allows them to actively exercise posture, motor skills and propulsion on a daily basis. Comfortably and securely wrapped prone on top of the device, the infant can not only move its arms, head, trunk, and limbs, but also propel itself in any direction thanks to small ball-bearing-style wheels secured to the underside of the skateboard deck.


  • Promote balance in the flexor-extensor muscles of the legs and arms
  • Stimulating infant cative mobility
  • Development of infant postural control
  • Development of infant self locomotion
  • Balancing mobility of the right and left hemi bodies

Competitive advantages:

  • Allow’s baby comfort Fast to use
  • Appropriate for child with special need
  • Can be used by therapist or at home
  • Facilitates ecologic motor function
  • Allow the infant self propulsion
  • Allow daily and early intervention

Keywords: Infant development,Active Mobility ,Preterm birth,Propulsion,Early Intervention, Brain Plasticity

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