DAMP - Device for the analysis of moisture profiles


14 Janvier 2019

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Engineering Ecology / Environment


Chemicals, Materials & Plant-based Materials
Environment & Construction
Measurement & Instrumentation

Challenging increasingly severe environmental regulations in several markets (tourism, energy, farming, mining) at reasonable costs have led the research laboratory IMEP LAHT on radio-frequency to develop an intrusive sensor capable to profile the soil, snow or other into which it is introduced.



  • Radio-Frequency (RF) Printed Circuit Board
  • DDS generator (ultra high frequency resolution)
  • Machine learning and database
  • Wireless data transmission


  • Simultaneous measurements of moisture, salinity and temperature of multi-layered materials (solids or liquids) with better determination of the nature of each layer than TDR (combines advantages of TDR and FDR)
  • Minimal thickness of a layer = 1 cm
  • Measured profile length (longitudinal wave propagation in principal axis) : from centimeters to kilometers (depending on RF front power)
  • Measurement radius from 1 cm to more than 10 cm
  • Versatile (handheld device or can remain buried on the same site)


A first prototype of the sensor enabled proof of concept on a lab scale. It was tested positively in a liquid environment. Further developments are planned for 2018-19 as well as feasibility studies for different applications



  • Snow monitoring (liquid water content, depth, water equivalent, density)
  • Moisture, salinity and temperature profiles in soils, buildings and structures



A license for exploitation is available.

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