07 Juin 2021

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Environment & Construction

Customized and personalized indoor guidance and localization of crowds or individuals, inside a building, for either evacuation or sheltering (during emergency situation) or the best routes to reach spots of interest (Indoor locationbased services, for example, shop with special offers in commercial malls) is of utmost importance for safety issues or customer satisfaction. Most of the existing evacuation systems are mainly based on warning mechanisms (sound, visual, ...), and pre-established routes which do not consider the presence of obstacles or spots of interest popping out, dynamically, in real-time. The existing solutions are not always able to provide simple and effective evacuation/guidance instructions. Thanks to progress in telecommunication technologies, connected things and BIM (Building
Information Model), the GuidEvac solutions provide people or evacuation agents, in indoor context inside buildings, with the best evacuation/guidance instructions in real time.


  • Evacuation of stadiums, administrations, performance halls, hotels, offices, etc...: indoor context
  • Personalized guidance for customers in a shopping center, airport, metro, transports stations, public places and centers, etc
  • Simulation for decision-making (optimal layouts for IoT sensors and actuators deployment, protection and safety)

Competitive advantages:

  • Optimization of crowd evacuation time in case of emergency
  • Optimization of the path to get to a given point
  • Simple, efficient, personalized and interactive guidance instructions

Keywords: Indoor location-based services, User-oriented guidance, BIM, Safety of persons and assets in buildings, Emergency evacuation, Optimal queuing and routes - Connected things (IoT), Zone of interest

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