LASER VECSELS: new external-cavity semiconductor laser sources


28 Décembre 2015

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LASER VECSELS: development of new external-cavity semiconductor laser sources (VECSEL - Vertical External-cavity Surface-emitting Laser) emitting at 1µm and 2.3µm with a tunable single-frequency rate, offering strong power and a very low noise level.

There is significant interest today for high-performance lasers that are able to operate with continuous rates at room temperature, notably in the spectrum ranging from near-infrared (NIR) to mid-infrared (MIR). There is also strong demand for high-performance integrated photonic components for use in sensors and compact optical systems. Today’s existing technology sources are not able to meet all of these requirements.

The prototypes developed by this project are the first integrated NIR and MIR type VECSEL lasers in the world, demonstrating the triple-benefits of power, consistency, and tunability that exceed the performance limits of solid-state, diode-pumped lasers and commercial semiconductor lasers.

Optical anemometers used to measure wind on windmill farms, laser-based gas analyzers, and seed lasers used in 1µm fiber lasers.

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