Methylene blue – phosphoramidite probes


22 Mars 2018

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Chemistry Biology / Medical


Chemicals, Materials & Plant-based Materials

A new kind of probes labelled by redox markers has been designed to be integrated into oligonucleotides of interest (DNA, RNA, aptamers). The laboratory has synthesized a new phosphoramidite synthon compatible with the conditions of DNA synthesis. The derivative is incorporated at the end or in any position of the oligonucleotide chain by solid phase chemistry. An important number of synthons can be incorporated into the probe. This new kind of electrochemical probe is more sensitive thanks to the transfer of the 2 electrons per molecule and more stable than ferrocene modified ones.

PULSALYS is looking for :

> industrial partners interested in (co-)developing and commercializing this product,
> business profiles interested in entrepreneurship / startup on this product.

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