MIMAC-FASTn - fast neutron detection


19 Mars 2018

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To date, the available counting function of your neutron detectors  do not provide the neutron energy spectrum of fast neutrons. Without the neutron energy measure, you lose part of the information on this incoming particle.


If your interest is within one of the following topics, contact us to discuss on our new generation neutron spectrometer, MIMAC-FASTn !

  • Your working environment contain neutron emitters
  • You lack precise instrument to quantify the neutron dose for your staff protection
  • You have questions regarding the contents of your radioactive waste containers
  • You are looking for hot neutron spots in a plant room awaiting dismantling


MIMAC-FASTn brings a unique measure of the energy of fast neutrons, from 10 keV up to more than 20 MeV.

It has 3 functions :

  • detection of fast neutrons without thermalization,
  • measure of their energy, and
  • localization of the neutron emitter.

Free of 3He or regulated matter, our technology is based on the 3 dimension detection of nuclear recoils, that result from elastic diffusions of neutrons with a gas nucleus.

Remotely controlled through a web interface, our mobile and compact solution allows a fast positioning of the detector in different measuring points.



We design and manufacture neutron spectrometers adapted to your applications. We bring you assistance on your measure implementation and data analysis.

MIMAC-FASTn is a patented solution, entirely developed at CNRS. It has been acquired by IRSN. The start-up creation will be effective in the end of 2018, and is currently supported by SATT Linksium Grenoble Alpes.




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