MYELODIAG: predicting the response of patients affected by multiple myeloma


08 Octobre 2015

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Biology / Medical



Predicting the response of patients affected by multiple myeloma. Developing personalized medicine.


Multiple myeloma is the second most common malignant blood disease, after lymphoma. It is characterized by the accumulation of a clone of tumor plasma cells in blood marrow. Current treatments are not able to avoid relapses, which generally end up with the patient's death. This disease varies greatly among different people, and patients' response to treatment is extremely heterogeneous. It is therefore essential to prepare new therapeutic strategies. New treatments of multiple myeloma are currently being developed to meet this challenge



The innovation proposed by Myelodiag is based on genetic expression data. The solution involves identifying biomarkers that can predict the sensitivity of tumor plasma cells to therapeutic agents. The goal is to develop therapeutic orientation tests and be able to offer personalized treatment for patient



Theranostics tests, in-vitro medical diagnostic equipment, biomarkers


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