NABIDI nanotrackers: Fluorescent and magnetic nanomaterials for bioimaging, tracking and diagnostics applications


12 Juillet 2019

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Biology / Medical




NABIDI nanotrackers represent an innovating class of bioimaging nano-agents that combine two distinct and independent properties, fluorescence and magnetism. This combination provides an efficient tool for in vitro as well as ex vivo correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). NABIDI nanotrackers display a cohesive core-shell architecture made of a fluorescent organic core surrounded by a shell of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles.

NABIDI nanotrackers are composed of a self-assembled emissive non-doped organic core, made of small molecule-based fluorophores. The high number of fluorophores per nanoassembly (105) provides a very high brightness (107 mol-1Lcm-1), which makes NABIDI nanotrackers suitable for long-term investigations using fluorescence microscopy. The average diameter of the , around 85 nm, is coated with an external shell of superparamagnetic 10 nm-large g-Fe2O3 nanoparticles. The shell provides efficient magnetic properties to extract NABIDI trackers from any medium within 30 min. For biorecognition application, NABIDI nanotrackers can be further bioconjugated with the desired bioagents... .
Ses bénéfices
Large colloidal stability in aqueous media
Fluorescence signal detected from 550 to 700 nm and displayed a large stokes shift, thereby limiting strong auto-fluorescence background arising from media, live cells or biological tissues
Efficient magnetic and relaxivity properties in aqueous media
Surface functionalization with chemical agents or proteins
No toxicity of NABIDI nanotrackers

Ses applications
In vitro and in vivo bioimaging using electron microscopy
One-photon and two-photon excited fluorescence microscopy
Magnetic resonance imaging

Stade de développement
TRL4 - Validation de la preuve de concept

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Chimie et Interdisciplinarité : Synthèse, Analyse Modelisation

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US : 14218368 - filed on the 03-18-2014

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