NODIA - nNOS/PIN interaction inhibitors for diabetes type 2 treatment


14 Mars 2017

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Biology / Medical



nNOS/PIN interaction inhibitors for diabetes type 2 treatment

Type 2 diabetes (DT2) is a common metabolic disease whose prevalence continues to spread. Among all the identified therapeutic targets, the nNOS protein and its inhibitor, PIN, have been highlighted for their roles in controlling insulin secretion and muscular sensitivity to glucose. Inhibiting the interaction between nNOS and its inhibitor PIN thus seems to be a promising means to restore normal nNOS catalytic activity and correct pancreatic and muscular defects present in diabetes.

The interest of this project is to identify and develop compounds inhibiting nNOS/PIN interaction to treat DT2 by re-establishing insulin-sensitivity at the muscle tissue level, enabling a decrease in the hypersecretion of insulin or preservation of the pancreatic function. 

Type 2 diabetes

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