Photocurable formulation for the design of highly conductive and reflective metal top coating


11 Septembre 2015

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Chemistry Engineering


Chemicals, Materials & Plant-based Materials

This technology allows the coating of any surface with a highly reflective and conductive metal thin film.



  • Coating : Coating of the substrate with a formulation made of a polymerizable resin and metal ions
  • UV curing: The formation of the metal thin film is triggered by the cure of the polymer and the photo-reduction of metal ions
  • Final result : The final coating appears as a bilayer film
    • Top : highly conductive and reflective metal thin film
    • Bottom : a composite made of polymer and metal nanoparticles


  • Nanoparticles free formulation
  • No solvent evaporation: acrylic monomer
  • Cold technology
  • Reduced cost: very low content in metal thanks to the ionic-based formulation
  • Broad range of available metals: Ag, Au, Cu, Pd, Pt, Al … or any mixture of


  • Suitable for spray and printing technologies: fully tunable viscosity
  • Quick coating: from seconds to few minutes
  • Works on any surface, including: aluminium, brass, glass, paper, plastic, stainless steel, textile, wood…


  • Mirror like surface: high reflectivity
  • Conductivity: preliminary shown an apparent resistivity of 1.6×10-3 Ω.m
  • Anti-microbial activity: using of Ag and Cu
  • Peeling resistance: tape test ok
  • Hardness: pencil test ok
  • Flexibility: conservation of the substrate flexibility
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