Prestressed wood or fibrous materials assembly


23 Février 2016

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Engineering Ecology / Environment


Environment & Construction



This prestressed assembly process developped by the LERMAB laboratory of the University of Lorraine can transmit tractive or compression efforts by adherence to fibrous materials. After application of assembly pre-stress, resistance threshold is guaranteed and rigidity increased for operations without play. Parasitic efforts (transverse traction and shear) resulting in recurrent rupture of traditional assemblies are therefore prevented. 

The concept has been tested and validated on bamboo and resinous wood. If necessary, all implementation steps can be numerically modeled to optimize the shape from an initial bar section. Only a perfect characterization of behavior under transverse compression of the material is necessary.

Competitive advantages

  • An ecological process (no glue);
  • Increased mechanical performances (assembly mechanical yield of 100 %);
  • Respect of aesthetic qualities.


  • Civil engineering;
  • Construction wood;
  • Wood furniture;
  • Urban furniture.

Intellectual Property

  • Patents FR2947593; EP 10 742 023,4; US 13/378,915; CA 2,765,025.


LERMAB laboratory



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