Real time magnetic field measuring device


12 Février 2020

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Biology / Medical



The innovation

This technology relies on an innovative device for direct and real-time measurement of temporal changes in radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields, magnetic field gradients and magnetic field created in the enclosure of an MRI tunnel.

Our innovation therefore allows the creation of precise maps reflecting actually delivered MRI sequences.

Two separate modes are available:

- An oscilloscope mode, which allows a real-time display of changes in magnetic and electromagnetic fields
-A recorder mode, which allows the recording of all or part of a sequence to replay and analyze it or export it to a computational tool

The following fields can be analyzed:
- Static magnetic field B0
- Magnetic field RF B1
- Magnetic field gradients RF Gx, Gy and Gz
- RF Electric field E induced by B1


Measurement of all MRI magnetic fields and gradients
Real time monitoring
Lower Contention
Cost effective device

Regulatory quality control of clinical and preclinical MRI machines
Metrology for the installation, calibration and maintenance phases of clinical and preclinical MRI machines
Dosimetry (direct measure of SAR)

Development Status
Prototype : Pre-industrial

Research Laboratory
UMR_S 1099 - LTSI
Équipe de recherche
METRIQ - METRologie en Imagerie Quantitative

FR : FR1351285 - filed on the 02-14-2013

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