Reversible entrapment process for polar molecules


04 Octobre 2018

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Chemistry Ecology / Environment


Chemicals, Materials & Plant-based Materials
Environment & Construction

This process is based on the use of a polymer made from bio-sourced molecules, able to reversibly adsorb organic molecules of any polarity, including highly polar molecules such as glyphosate. It can be used to trap all organic molecules within an aqueous environment (e.g. pollutants, small biological molecules, pharmaceutical drugs…), and to release these molecules in a controlled environment through thermic or solvent desorption, depending on the final use (physicochemical analyses…). 100g polymer are required to capture 1g molecules. The material can be produced in different forms (wire, membrane, granules, powder…), and can be used as a coating on various objects (bar magnet, disks…).

PULSALYS is looking for :

>  industrial partners interested in developing / co-developing this process.

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