ROS Online - Air Quality Measurement


03 Août 2020

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Automated equipment for measuring the biological impact of air pollution


Poor air quality is responsible for 7 million premature deaths worldwide (induced costs of 101 billion Euros annually in France, twice as much as tobacco), mostly related to exposure to "fine particles". Air Quality regulations are based on particle mass, which is an incomplete metric for predicting health effects. “Oxidizing Potential" (i.e. the ability of atmospheric components to oxidize the lung environment) is seen as a promising metric.


The proposed development brings methodological and technological innovations based on the unique know-how of the team, leader in oxidizing potential measurements in France. The aim is to develop a device for the automated measurement of Oxidizing Potential.


Increased sensitivity that allows measurement in the majority of outdoor air environments (10 µg/m3 of particulate density).

Key parameter based on the common denominator of cardio-respiratory ailments to warn about the health impact of pollution.


A proof of concept is in progress at the laboratory. Several field measurement campaigns are programmed.


  • Monitoring of air quality by regulatory authorities   
  • Industrial process control   
  • Measurement of the toxicity of pollutants emitted by industrial processes or a finished product (car, heating system, cigarettes)
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