14 Mars 2017

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Physics Engineering


Environment & Construction

Light and easily deployable tensegrity structure for temporary activities

For people with reduced mobility, or motor-handicapped people, accessibility to swimming areas often presents many challenges. At this time, there are very few real solutions, and those that do exist generally require the assistance of another person.

This project focuses on creating a floating pontoon to use as an access structure, offering rapid deployment in the zone to be equipped, while respecting laws for seashore environmental protection and access for handicapped people. Beyond this project’s primary objective, the proposed structures can also be implemented to create stages and bleachers for special events; to set up temporary bridges for urban needs; and to provide emergency access in case of a natural catastrophe.

The innovative aspect of this project is based on the expertise and know-how of the Montpellier Laboratory of Civil Engineering regarding tensegrity structures (“tension + integrity”) enabling lightweight, modular, resistant, and stable structures. Assembling modules makes it possible to create numerous configurations adapted to specific site needs. Being able to deploy and set-up products rapidly, by a small number of people, is a significant benefit for operator safety and reduced installation costs.

Pontoons, stages, bleachers, bridges

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