Use Of S-Roscovitin in the treatment of stroke


12 Juillet 2019

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Biology / Medical




A stroke is a failure of the blood circulation that affects a more or less important region of the brain. It occurs as a result of obstruction or rupture of a blood vessel and causes the death of nerve cells, which are deprived of oxygen and nutrients essential to their functions.

After the occurrence of an ischemic stroke (AIC), two areas appear in the brain: a permanently necrotic area and a less damaged area, the penumbra, in which degradation processes remain reversible for about 24 to 48 hours, depending on the individual. Strokes have very different consequences. More than half of the people have sequelae. About 1 in 10 people recover completely.
To date, the only emergency treatment option for AIC is thrombolysis. However, this therapeutic strategy has two major disadvantages: an intervention window limited to 4,5 hours post-stroke and the need for imaging to eliminate cerebral hemorrhage. After this period, due to the lack of recanalization, the penumbra becomes totally necrotic.

The main objective of this project is therefore to propose a new therapeutic strategy that will "freeze the penumbra" in order to increase the window of therapeutic intervention, either by thrombolysis or by interventional neuroradiology approach (embolectomy) thus allowing a restoration of functionalities of the nerve cells in the penumbra. S-roscovitine could be injected into patients in the ambulance prior to any other therapeutic intervention in order to maintain maximum reversibility of ischemia in the penumbra area.


Ses bénéfices
- Freeze the penumbra zone of the brain, and thus allow the restoration of the blood flow (drug action (tPA) or by embolectomy)
- Wideninf of the window of action of Alteplase (4:30) or embolectomy (6h)
- Preserve the death of brain cells


Ses applications
- Neuro-protection
- Treatment of Stroke

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IN VIVO - Preuve de concept

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UMR_S 1078 - GGB
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