Dernières places pour le Workshop de La SATT Grand Centre – 8 Déc 2016 | Casino de ROYAT (63)

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29 novembre 2016







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Program :

10h30 > 12h30 | Plenary session
« Inspiring Models for Innovation » 

Moderator : Franck ALCARAZ (Reg. Man., Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, France)


  • James BARLOW (Prof., Chair in Technology and Innovation Management, Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
    – Tackling the healthcare innovation challenge. Do we need a new direction? 
  • Sylvain MORENO (Director Digital Health Hub, SFU, Canada)
    – Mechanisms for innovation in aging and health: Innovation hub model and co-creation process. 
  • Anna HALL (COO, Manufacturing Cluster IUC Syd, Sweden) & Mia ROLF (CEO, IDEON Science Park, Sweden)
    – Connecting the Industry to innovation and science – through creative cooperation :
    – Big Science Technology workshop and process – an innovative and hands-on model facilitating links between Big Science, Academia and Industry.
    – Ideon Science Park –  competence mixes, open innovation and incubator strategies has made success and employment grow over time. Creative cooperation has made it possible.
  • Andreas WINKLER (Head of ecosystem, IDM Südtirol, Italy)
    – NOI – NATURE OF INNOVATION : South Tyrol’s new technology park.
  • Daniel BURTIN (President, SATT GC, France)
    Valuing research through innovation to reach a sustainable economical development


Grand Temoin : Medhi GMAR (Deputy Dir., Commissariat Général à l’Investissement, France)


13h30 > 14h15 | Training session
Competence mapping : 
Good practice for accelerating business development


Benjamin Losert (Ecoplus, Austria) and Andreas Winkler (IDM Südtirol, Italy)


14h15 > 16h00 | Parallel thematic sessions 


1 R&D and technology transfer

Moderator : Agnès Gahigi (DRRT Auvergne Rhône Alpes, France)

  • Sylvain Routier (Prof., Orléans University, France)
  • Andrew Sixmith (Prof., Sc. Dir., AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence, Canada)
  • Eric Dessertenne (Head Bus. Dev., Biocorp, France)
  • Pierre Ruaud (Prospective & Innovation Man., Limagrain, France)
  • Benjamin Losert (Proj. Man., Ecoplus, Austria)
  • Inez Suija-Markova (Man. Dir., Institute for Environmental Solutions, Latvia)

2 Business & entrepreneurship

Moderator : Bertrand Valiorgue (VP Partnership, Auvergne University)

  • Cedric Komar (CEO, Ictyopharma, France)
  • Benoit Membré (CEO, Le Bivouac, France)
  • Michael Bidu (CEO, Interface Health, Canada)
  • Pascal Voulton (CEO, SOFIMAC, France)
  • Zsuzsanna Pintér (CEO, Innoskart, Hungary)
  • Yan Bailly (Reg. Man, Numélink, France)

3 Clustering & cooperations for innovation

Moderator : Jean-Sébastien GUEZ (bus.Dev, SATT GC, France)

  • Henrik Berven (Business Dev.Man, Region Skåne, Sweden)
  • Alain Eschalier (Pres., Auvergne University and Pres., Fondation Analgesia, France)
  • Olivier Exertier (Sec. Gen., CLARA, France) & Ophélie Philippot (Proj. Man., CLARA, France)
  • Gál Kormendy (Pres., Hungarian National Alliance for Innovative Clusters, Hungary)
  • Anne de la Sayette (CEO, CRITT Horticole, France)


16h00 | Perspectives & conclusion

16h30 > 18h00  | Networking coffee + Free meetings (B2B and focus groups)