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Do you want to transform your research results into innovative products or services ? Do you want to create a startup ? Are you looking to protect your inventions in order to collaborate with the industrial world ?

Spread over the national territory, the 13 SATTs give you the means to realize your projects !

Your research results can become the products and services of tomorrow! The SATTs support you step by step by investing in the technological development of your applied research projects. Our experts secure your inventions with an appropriate intellectual property strategy and help you transform your research results into concrete innovations that create economic benefits.

Our services to researchers :


Your SATT invests to transform your research results into a future product or service.


Your SATT protects your inventions with an adapted intellectual property strategy.


Your SATT assists you in finding the best strategy for industrial transfer.


Your SATT guides your research project to the creation of a startup.

Why should you rely on your SATT ?

Created by the French government, the SATTs are at the service of the research institutions and universities in your territory, with whom they collaborate to bring your research results to fruition.

  • You have access to a substantial investment fund to develop the prototype or the proof of concept of your projects.
  • You are guided from A to Z in the valorization of your research projects thanks to a solid network of partners.
  • Your inventions are protected by an appropriate intellectual property strategy.
  • You benefit from strategic expertise to effectively reach the market.

The SATTs offer thematic programs or calls for projects with dedicated funding. Contact your SATT for more information.

Our "Doctoral Students and Young Researchers" support programs

Grenoble Alpes

The Out of Labs Challenge is a call for projects across all themes organized by Linksium in partnership with the DRRT and Bpifrance. Since 2016, more than 150 winners have been supported in one of the 190 technology transfer projects, many of them leading to the creation of one of the 55 deeptech startups. After 10 bi-annual editions, the Out Of Labs Challenge has become a key event for public research laboratories in the Grenoble Alpes region to facilitate and accelerate the transfer of innovations to the socio-economic world.

Lyon & St Etienne

Since 2018, PULSALYS has set up a program specifically for young researchers in Lyon and Saint-Etienne! If you are a young researcher (Doctor, future Doctor or post-doctoral fellow) participate in our dedicated program !

Cluster Paris-Saclay

The PhD Transfer Program offers PhD students and young doctors from the Paris-Saclay cluster the opportunity to develop their thesis results. With access to €100k in funding over 12 months, the program enables them to achieve a proof of concept and to benefit from support in transposing the project into an entrepreneurial dimension or a transfer to an industrial company.


Created by SATT Conectus in partnership with Alsace's research institutions and universities, the Mature your PhD Challenge aims to identify and support thesis projects that are likely to eventually generate a new innovative product, service or process that meets unmet market needs. This support program also aims to enrich the skills of doctoral students by making them aware of technology transfer, the economic world and entrepreneurship.


Organized by SATT AxLR and Toulouse Tech Transfer, "Doc D'Occitanie" is a personalized support program. It offers to all 2nd and 3rd year PhD students as well as to young PhDs who have defended their thesis less than a year ago, an in-depth evaluation of the economic potential of their thesis subject.


The Start Your PhD Up competition brings together public research and technology transfer players in the Hauts-de-France region to boost projects to promote doctoral students' research work. Thanks to this program, doctoral students can benefit from support from specialized and experienced structures in order to verify the potential of their thesis research. It is organized by SATT Nord, the University of Lille, Transalley, the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France and the Université Picardie Jules Verne.


SATT LUTECH, as an exclusive partner of the SORBONNE University Alliance, is committed to working alongside researchers from the PhD stage onwards to help them translate their results into economic opportunities. From September 6 to October 29, LUTECH is opening up applications for the "BOOST YOUR PhD" AAP, a program dedicated to 2nd and 3rd year PhD students, offering personalized support focused on market issues and intellectual property and, under certain conditions, a financial contribution to give them the opportunity to achieve a proof of concept.


In partnership with doctoral schools, SATT Ouest Valorisation offers a doctoral training program for doctoral students to raise their awareness of technology transfer, intellectual property management and entrepreneurship. In addition, SATT Ouest Valorisation organizes a joint call for expressions of interest with its academic partners, targeting doctoral students and young researchers, to identify technology transfer projects resulting from their research work and thus create opportunities for innovation. Thanks to this program, doctoral students can benefit from personalized support in order to characterize the innovation potential of their thesis research and from maturation funding to develop the opportunity for commercialization.

Get in touch with your SATT !

The innovation competitions

The French government has created innovation competitions in conjunction with Bpifrance and ADEME. They form a continuum of support and funding that stimulates links between research and entrepreneurship at three key moments: i-PhD encourages the entrepreneurial vocation of doctoral students, i-Lab the creation of technology-intensive companies, and i-Nov development projects led by startups and SMEs.

I am a researcher who wishes to reveal the full potential of my research results

The i-PhD competition is open to PhD students who will be defending their thesis during the year of the competition or PhDs who have been defending for less than three years. The competition is open to any project to develop an innovative technology developed in a research laboratory that could lead to the creation of a startup with a strong competitive advantage.


I am an innovative project leader who wants to boost the creation of his startup

The i-Lab competition is aimed at project leaders of companies that have not yet been created or that are less than 2 years old, in a technology-intensive sector. The competition is aimed at innovation projects led by young companies or that could lead to the creation of a company in the short term and whose technical, economic and legal feasibility has been established.


I am an innovative startup or SME that wishes to finance a high-potential R&D project

The i-Nov competition concerns startups and SMEs with ambitious research, development and innovation projects. The projects concerned are research, development and innovation projects with a total cost of between €600,000 and €5 million and a duration of 12 to 36 months.