SATTs, drivers of innovation

Committed to economic dynamism through scientific innovation, SATTs provide companies with high-potential technological solutions to improve their competitiveness.

They are connected on a daily basis to more than 150,000 researchers and offer privileged access to innovations from public laboratories.
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Our commitment : Economic competitiveness

The 13 SATTs (Tech Transfer acceleration Companies) were created as part of the PIA (Investing in the Future Program). They finance the technological development of innovations resulting from French public research thanks to an exclusive investment fund of 856 M€.

SATTs are local and trusted structures with access to the skills and inventions of researchers in their territory. They detect, evaluate, protect and bring these inventions to market by entrusting them to an existing company or a future startup.


The SATT offer


Do you want to boost your R&D by gaining access to breakthrough technologies?



Do you want to turn your search results into products or services?



Do youou plan to create your startup or to join an innovative and ambitious project?



Are you looking to invest in cutting-edge DeepTech startups?