Brazing process


24 Février 2016

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Metals & Minerals
Chemicals, Materials & Plant-based Materials



This innovative brazing process for copper uses new composite materials made of agarose, containing a filler alloy and a flow. They can be shaped by molding by powders injection.

The absence of the usual sintering and debinding stages allows the brazed joints to have a mechanical strength and a metallurgical quality similar to those obtained from conventional materials.

The developed compositions allow soft brazing (SnPb) and hard brazing (CuP) of pieces containing copper, however, the process could be extended to other materials.

Competitive advantages

  • A simplified brazing process: No need for stages of sintering or debinding;
  • No chemical modification of the compositions before and during brazing (no interaction between the different pieces and the filler alloy before brazing);
  • The final brazing success is guaranteed.


  • Manufacturing of preforms or pieces ready to be brazed;
  • Simplified piping and solder quality assured;
  • Copper pieces assembly.

Intellectual property

  • Patent FR 125469;
  • Collaboration sought: License for process industrialization and for its marketing.


Institut Jean Lamour (IJL)

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