Experimental bench dedicated to mechanical tests on big dental reconstitutions


23 Février 2016

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Earth And Universe Sciences Biology / Medical


Measurement & Instrumentation



The experimental bench developed by the LEMTA laboratory of the University of Lorraine is made for in vitro testing of large dental reconstitutions (prosthesis), and mechanical behavior of dental devices.

The main interest of this testing bench is being able to test prosthetic reconstitutions in close to clinical reality conditions. To do so, the medical device is placed on an artificial mandible, with a mechanical behavior close to that of a natural mandible (material displaying mechanical characteristics close to those of natural bone tissue - takes into account occlusal efforts during different masticatory steps - takes into account mandibular kinematics).

Competitive advantages

  • In vitro tests close to clinical reality;
  • Experimental validation of prosthesis characteristics ;
  • Comparison of several prosthetic solutions.


  • Odontology;
  • Implantology.

Intellectual Property

  • Patent in progress;
  • Collaboration sought: subcontracting studies realized at the LEMTA;
  • Readiness level: functional prototype.


Laboratoire d’Energétique et de Mécanique Théorique et Appliquée (LEMTA).

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