New hard shell backpack with gear protection and integrated seating device


09 Juillet 2019

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Consumer Goods

Market challenges:

The outdoor recreation market is growing every year (+2%/year) and consumers going hiking or riding with equipment are looking to keep their electronics safe on the go and easily reachable.

Professionals such as photographers, rescue workers, medical personnel, etc. are also demanding robust and modular backpacks in order to be able to carry expensive and fragile equipment, sometimes in extreme geographic and climatic conditions. There appear to be room for more innovation (technical characteristics, volume, modularity, practicality, etc.).

Innovative solution:

The invention is a waterproof and compact backpack, modular (with compartments) and easy to carry, providing an impact protection and a quick access to all the equipment. It is designed to improve the comfort of the user during his travels and stops: the shell used for protection (robust and waterproof) can also be used as a support for any digital object or as a seat (with the use of the external frame).

The backpack is customizable in order to be adaptable to all uses for experts such as photographers, researchers, firemen, health personnel, the military, etc.

Suggested applications:

  • Photography
  • Medical services and other specialties (firemen, rescue workers, etc.)
  • The military
  • Outdoor activities (trekking, riding, etc.)

Competitive advantages:

  • Compact, waterproof, robust, modular and customizable backpack
  • Comfort of the user: protection of the equipment, quick access to the contents of the bag (compartments and organizers), frame and shell creating a seat
  • Project supported by a team from the French National Museum of Natural History
  • A patent has been filed in August 2016 and 3 prototypes have been developed
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