Non-invasive medical device for the treatment of sleep apnea


12 Juillet 2019

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Biology / Medical




The invention relates to a new monitoring and treatment device for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSA).
It is the first Proof of concept identifying kinesthetic stimulation as a potentially effective therapy for OSA.
The sleep apnea medical devices market will reach 6.5B€ in 2023, with a 8% CAGR for therapeutic devices (representing more than 80% of the market).

The system is composed of 3 components:
- a cardio-respiratory recorder,
- a kinesthetic stimulator
- and a real-time processing application, integrating an “on-off” control method to trigger the kinesthetic stimulation as a function of respiratory event detection of a given patient.

Kinesthetic stimulation for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: An “on-of” proof of concept trial
Alfredo I. Hernández, Diego Pérez, Delphine Feuerstein, Corinne Loiodice, Laurence Graindorge, Gustavo Guerrero, Nadège Limousin, Frédéric Gagnadoux, Yves Dauvilliers, Renaud Tamisier, Arnaud Prigent, Philippe Mabo, Amel Amblard, Lotfi Senhadji & Jean-Louis Pépin, Scientific Reports volume 8, Article number: 3092 (2018)

2 LTSI patents
7 LTSI patents in co-ownership with an industrial partner

Ses bénéfices
The device is not cumbersome and easy to wear
75% of the patients showed a statistically significant decrease in apnea or hypopnea event durations in the first clinical evaluation.
Average reduction in the duration of StimOn vs StimOff events for the patients who presented a significant response is : 4.86 seconds (25.48%) for apneas and 6.00 seconds (23.92%) for hypopneas

Ses applications
This project concerns a new device for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) treatment.
This pathology concerns 8-15% of general population and is an important risk factor for hypertension, coronary heart diseases and strokes.

Stade de développement
TRL6 - Démonstration du prototype : Prototype device adapted for clinical research
Investigation clinique : Two clinical evaluations (93 patients included in total)

Laboratoire de recherche
UMR_S 1099 - LTSI

Équipe de recherche
Laboratoire Traitement du Signal et de l'Image|IMPACT - Images and Models for the Planning and AssistanCe to surgery and Therapy

Propriété intellectuelle associée
FR : FR1461377 - filed on the 11-24-2014

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