REPMUT: Tool for intergroup relations diagnostic


17 Mars 2016

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Norms, Institutions And Social Behaviors Living Environment And Society Mind, Language And Education


Environment & Construction
Business, Finance & Management


This software provides a rapid and automatic diagnostic of intergroup or inter-category relations. It helps to better understand the planning project of a territory, thanks to a diagnostic of the relation between project promotors and users, or between industrials and actors for the protection of the environment.

It consists, in social scenes covering preferentially work conditions, in identifying particularities of adopted conducts by trying to determine psychological and psychosocial invariants beyond their social context.

Behavior are studied in reference with subject identities (individual, categorical, cultural), with a privileged focus on one of them or on their dynamic. In the last case, psychological  (self-esteem, motivation, precompetitive stress …), psychosocial (social representations , standards...), and societal (cultural values, stereotypes…) variables are discussed in an integrated manner.

Competitive Advantages

  • Public concertation facilitated/social dialogue improvement and time saved;
  • Project evaluation during its preparatory phase;
  • Better acceptation of a new housing design;
  • Socio-ecologic transition facilitated on innovative eco-construction projects.


  • Conciliation of actors and social , economical and environmental problematics of the project’s territory;
  • Information and listening tool/Public concertation.

Intellectual Property

  • Submission of a Soleau envelope;
  • Copyright;
  • APP submission.


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