Spaces and dynamics modelling


17 Mars 2016

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Ecology / Environment Living Environment And Society


Automotive & Transportation
Environment & Construction
Business, Finance & Management


This research laboratory in geography gathers several thematic areas, among which:

  • Observation, modelling and simulation of human activities and landscapes for an insightful governance of cities and territories;
  • Modelling infrastructures and dynamics with spatial simulation: study of network evolution and evaluation of environmental impact;
  • Mobilization of specialized tools and skills  in domains of geographic information: acquisition, data preparation and treatment, remote sensing, GIS conception, analytical tools and cartographic restitution.


  • MIRO2: Intra-urban modelling of daily rhythms: increase city accessibility to control urban mobility (ANR Research project Sustainable city). Associated laboratories: UMR ThéMA (Dijon), LIFC (Franche-Comté computing laboratory), IRD (GEODES), UMR PACTE-Territoires (Grenoble), CRESE, CEDETE.
  • CARGOS: Geographic data catalogue in Human and Social Sciences.


  • Transportation sector;
  • Consultants/Engineering studies;
  • Local and regional authorities;
  • State services;
  • Urbanism and architecture sectors.


  • Development of specific tools: Evaluation grids and indices to describe spatial configuration or actors’ behavior/Modelling of spatial dynamics;
  • Territorial and service diagnostics;
  • Socio-economic impact study;
  • Mobility survey;
  • Mobility plans (companies, administration, urban);
  • Environmental policies evaluation (Agenda 21, Plan Climat-Energie).
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