Erganeo : Licensing agreement signed with Hi-Viso Ltd for Crawliskate®

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15 February 2022

At the end of 2021, Erganeo signed a licensing agreement with Northern Irish company Hi Viso Ltd for a new device, the Crawliskate®, a piece of ground-breaking technology that helps newborns crawl and stimulates their motor development .


Showcased in Netflix’s documentary series Babies, the Crawliskate® technology was developed by the team of  Marianne Barbu-Roth, a researcher at the Université de Paris (CNRS – UMR n°8002).

Erganeo lent its support to this technology through a multi-year development project with a patent filed in 2014, and the Crawliskate® trademark already having been registered in multiple countries.

Read the press release here

Watch the Netflix Trailer here

The full story is available on the Netflix website, docu-series “Babies”, P1:E3 “The Four Legs”.

The ®Crawliskate presentation is available from the 4th to the 18th minute of the episode.