Technology scouting

The SATT Network provides, for companies involved in an open-innovation process, a dedicated technological scouting service, enabling them to be able to identify disruptive technologies, cutting-edge research partners and complementary capabilitiesamong 165 academic research centers and 150,000 researchers (70% of French academic research).
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Technology scouting service : All the power of the SATT Network at your service 


  • Express your demand to a single contact. On the basis of your specifications, your contact will consult the other SATTs to size the service (pre-evaluate the number of laboratories, technologies, start-ups, segment answers, specify the level of detail expected …), formalize the SATT Network methodological and financial proposal and implement the contract.  Time : 0-2 months

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  • We provides solutions suitable to your needs. All SATTs are mobilized to identify in their portfolio (11600 qualified technologies, 1900 ongoing development projects and 2600 patent families) and within their partner laboratories, all start-ups, technologies and expertise that fit to your needs. Then your point of contact will provide you with a complete and qualified overview of the identified solutions. Time : 2 to 6 months (depending on the scope of the service and the level of detail required)

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  • Some solutions catch your attention. Your point of contact will put you in touch with the SATT(s) in charge of these solutions in order for you to access to deeper information to complete your evaluation of the opportunities. This step may require a confidential process.

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  • You want to implement these solutions. The SATTs in charge will take care of the organization of the collaboration/co-development, the negociation ofthe license agreements, or they will connect you with the identified start-ups.








Why outsourcing its technology scouting to the SATT Network?


  • Teams of innovation experts close to the research laboratories.


  • Access to 70% of French academic research and its related the start-ups in one operation – only 10% of the projects are accessible on the different SATT websites of and their partners.


  • A customized support and pricing set on the basis of your specifications, the size of your company and according to the capacity of the SATT network to bring you solutions.


  • A commitment to results: After a pre-qualification process, we provide a written and oral presentation of the identified projects and expertises. We categorize them according to their relevance and maturity, then you can discuss directly with the persons in charge of the projects you will select.


  • Saves time


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Angela SULPIZIO, CSR Group Manager

The technology scouting operation with the SATT network was initiated in consultation with Bpifrance. This collaboration has given us full satisfaction! Indeed, this represents more than 50 technologies identified of which 14 were the subject of a detailed presentation. The successful exchanges with the different SATTs also stimulated the innovation of the different SPIE Batignolles units!


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