Erganeo : New biomarker for diagnosing triple negative breast cancer.

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15 February 2022

Joint efforts between CliniSciences, Erganeo and the academic lab headed by Véronique Baud, in the field of research to facilitate the diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer have yielded new findings that make it easier to classify and predict degree of aggressiveness.

Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) accounts for approximately 15% of breast cancer cases and primarily affects women under the age of 40. This type of breast cancer is considered highly aggressive with a five-year survival rate of 11.3%. Furthermore, because of its diversity, its degree of aggressiveness is difficult to classify and predict.

To tackle these challenges in classifying degree of aggressiveness in TNBC, INSERM Research Director Véronique Baud, heading up a laboratory at the Université de Paris Faculty of Pharmacy, developed an antibody that can be used as a research tool for classifying breast cancers, and aggressive breast cancers in particular. 

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