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L’innovation en action au sein du Reseau SATT.2015, résultats en forte croissance !! - Lire la suite
AVIS D’APPEL PUBLIC A LA CONCURRENCE : organisation de la 2e convention nationale du réseau des SATT - Lire la suite
Conectus Alsace annonce la signature d'un contrat de collaboration de recherche ambitieux - Lire la suite

Nos dernières offres de technologie

3D-organized collagen-hydroxyapatite bone substitute

In an attempt to bring a solution to the challenges encountered by orthopedic companies, our synthetic bone substitute was designed to reach top mechanistic and osteoconductivity properties. Our collagen-hydroxyapatite bone graft presents a mimetic b... Read more

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Antimicrobial peptides derived from temporin Sha

Temporins are natural antimicrobial peptides identified in amphibians with a broad spectrum of activity against many pathogens. The present invention relates to a range of antimicrobial peptides derived from temporin SHa (isolated from Pelophylax sah... Read more

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SERVICE PROVIDED: Biosensor imaging to quantify the effects and dissect the mechanism of action of new therapeutic compounds

The team of Pierre Vincent developed an expertise on neuronal transmission using brain slices cultured ex vivo. They took advantages of FRET-based biosensors to analyze the signaling pathways governing neuronal responses. In-house microscope and anal... Read more

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Microfluidic device for automated single cell manipulation

The SCM Made Easy system is a simple device allowing single cell manipulation. It has been designed to encapsulate cells in a small volume (2nL), enabling further analysis such as cloning and genomics. The channels of the chip can easily be changed t... Read more

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