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Anti-glioblastomas - New Chemical Entities for glioblastoma treatment

BACKGROUND Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM, aka grade IV astrocytoma aka primary glioblastoma) is one of the cancers with the highest unmeet medical needs. GlobalData 2024 market forecast for GBM is $3.3 billions with a CAGR of 17.4%. GBM represen... Read more

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LASERFOCUS: Autofocus for ultrafast lasers

An autofocus system for femto/pico second pulsed lasers based on the coherence between incident and reflected light from the sample. Benefits: Automatic focusing : no human intervention (delay line embedded) Accurate : the sample is in the exact... Read more

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Speckle imaging - Wide fields pixilation-free imaging methods and systems

BACKGROUND Conventional and widely-used type of optical endoscopes are based on fiber bundles. Fiber bundle-based techniques suffer from limited resolution and pixilation artifacts dictated by the individual cores and cladding diameters. Moreover, M... Read more

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Smart Piezoelectric Actuator Command - Hybrid amplification for a piezoelectric actuator control

BACKGROUND Piezoelectric actuators are used in a number of countless fields and applications, from automotive or aerospace to home automation. This induces new needs in terms of required performance and features: materials with new properties and co... Read more

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