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Nos dernières offres de technologie

ACRUX: infrastructure-free indoor positioning software for a pedestrian

DESCRIPTION Infrastructure-free pedestrian indoor positioning navigation system (“dead-reckoning”) only based on:- The sensors of a smartphone held by the pedestrian- One initial reference point Non significant drift in a standard building No ca... Read more

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ATD: audio analytic threat detection

DESCRIPTION Real time audio detection of identified threats (or situations of interest) in enclosed public sites Production of various alerts levels depending on the use case Combine psycho-acoustic analysis and advanced audio processing techni... Read more

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JAST: quickly find repeated patterns in videos, images, sound, data, with no prior learning phase

DESCRIPTION JAST automatically detects multiple repeating sequences of events (whatever their meaning) in complex and noisy data sets Based on a new neural network technology inspired by the Spike Time Dependent Plasticity (STDP) concept Pattern... Read more

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PYRIT: a new high-perf. and versatile erasure code for distributed storage

DESCRIPTION Pyrit is a new erasure code algorithm based on an innovative mathematical approach The algorithm becomes much simpler Up to 2X gain for encoding or decoding speed compared to Intel’s optimized ISA-L library (test in single thread, se... Read more

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