ACOUSTWEEZER: Acoustical tweezers for contactless and selective manipulation of micro- and nanoscopic objects


22 Avril 2016

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Electronics & Security

This MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS) allows the remote manipulation of particles, cells and droplets lying in a liquid sample with a high selectivity (one particle can be selected and moved independently of its neighbors).
This technology relies on the use of a specific kind of surface acoustic waves called swirling surface acoustic waves, which are synthesized at the surface of piezoelectric material with Interdigitated transducers.
These waves once transmitted to a liquid sample create a localized acoustical trap.


  • The manipulation is contactless and non-invasive and do not interfere with biological process thus limiting alteration of the particle, cell, …
  • The MEMS is highly compact and can be easily integrated in existing systems (microscope, lens, lab on a chip)
  • The system can manipulate particles ranging from 1 mm to 100 nanometers
  • The device production is simple, cheap and compatible with current equipments.
  • No pre-marking is required for the manipulation
  • The MEMS is printed on a transparent material, enabling simultaneous manipulation and visualization.
  • 3D manipulation is possible
  • The trapping process is compatible with a large range of materials including glass and PMMA (e.g Petri dishes or microchannels…)
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